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  • Unlike other components, there are no specific laws regarding pedals for E-Bikes. The excess loads and extended riding time which comes automatically when riding E-Bikes means that a stiffer, stronger pedal body will perform better and longer.

    Rough and steep trails which only were accessible for one or two laps, get easy to master with the help of the engine support. With all these extra loads and riding time – it’s easy for the pedals to have some big knocks on the way. This can lead to nasty dents and damaged pedal bodies. Therefore we have strengthened our proven Escape pedal at the appropriate places to create even more strength.
    Our E-Escape pedal was built for the toughest use.

    The selected steel pins with their height of 5 mm offer a great stand and are extra robust! The design of the pins also avoids damage of the thread in the pedal body if worn out pins have to be changed.

    Safety note:
    Unless otherwise specified by the crank manufacturer.
    Make sure that the pedals are tightened to min. 37 to max. 42 Nm.


    99,90 €
  • - Pedal size: 100 x 100 mm
    - Pedal height: 15 mm
    - Pedal thread: 9/16"
    - Bearings: 1 x industrial bearings / 1 x IGUS bushings
    - Pin setup: 24 steel pins
    - Pins height: 5 mm pin height above platform
    - Weight: 431 g pair (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Aluminium (pedal) / CrMo (axle)


  • - Reinforced pedal body
    - Durable and easily exchangeable steel pins
    - Minimal height for maximum ground clearance
    - Pedal washer (to protect the crankset thread)


Safety-Level 3

Sicherheitslevel 3MTB Hardtails and fullsuspension bikes with short travel are typical for this category.

Bikes of this category are suitable for rough and unpaved terrain.Occasional drop-offs with a max. Height of about 60 cm are in the use area of these bicycles.


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Safety-Level 4

Sicherheitslevel 3Fullsuspension bikes with a medium travel are typical for this category.

Bikes of this category are suitable for very rough and partially interlocked terrain with steeper slopes and higher speeds. Regular, moderate drop-offs up to a height of Approx. 122 cm by experienced riders represent no problem for these bikes.


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Safety-Level 5

Sicherheitslevel 3Fullsuspension bikes with long Travel, but also Dirt jump bikes are the distinguishing features of this category.

This category stands for very demanding, strongly interlocked and extremely steep terrain. Larger drops at very high speeds as well as the intensive use of Bike Parks or Downhill Trails are typical of this category.


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Use of categories

If you select a Category 5 product, it automatically meets all requirements of theunderlying categories. The same applies to all other categories.