• The first contact point of any bike is the grips. With children having smaller hands than adults, this contact point is even more important to get right to allow good control of the bike. The common problem is that children s bikes are equipped with grips that have too large a diameter. This is why we developed the Youngstar grip, to make the perfect match for young riders.

    With a diameter of 28 mm and a total length of 98 mm this handle offers the same comfort as our adult handles, at a size that sits comfortably in their hand. The Youngstar grip is available with different clamp ring colors to suit any colour scheme.

    Safety for young riders is our top priority. To prevent falls due to slipping off the grips, for the Youngstar grips we opted for a very soft rubber compound, which provides a much higher grip level and great damping properties. With the Youngstar grips, the young riders have excellent grip in all situations and less hand soreness, giving them more confidence on the bike and a willingness to ride further! Due to the softness of the rubber compound, like a good tire, there is faster wear than in comparable grips with a harder rubber compound, but which offer significantly less grip and damping. In addition, there is the possibility, after wearing out the top side of the grip, the grip can be rotated 180 degrees, so that the grips can be used for a while longer.


    13,90 €
  • - Grip pattern: Reverse diamond knobs
    - Outer diameter: Ø 28 mm
    - Inner diameter: Ø 22.2 mm (standard diameter of handlebar end)
    - Will fit all standard handlebars on the market
    - Width: 98 mm
    - Weight: 66 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Reverse medium compound / aluminium (lock ring)

  • - Reverse Single Lock-On