• Optimum concave shaped flat pedal

    The pedal surface helps your foot to be positioned on the pedal and generates additional grip. The noticeable negative curvature of the pedal surface literally gives you the feeling of standing "in" instead of "on" the pedal. You just have to try it to understand the feeling you have on this pedal!

    The pedal comes with an assembly tool and five spare pins.

    Safety note:
    Unless otherwise specified by the crank manufacturer.
    Make sure that the pedals are tightened to min. 37 to max. 42 Nm.


    49,90 €
  • - Pedal size: 100 x 95 x 20 mm
    - Height: 20 mm
    - Pedal thread: 9/16"
    - Surface: Concave 3-D Shape & Diamond pattern
    - Bearings: cone ball bearing
    - Pin Setup: 20 steel pins
    - Pin height: Variable
    - Weight: 440 g in pair (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Aluminium (pedal) / CrMo (axle)

  • - Concave pedal body
    - Height adjustable M4 steel pins
    - High strength CrMo axle
    - Comes with 5 spare pins and mounting tool
    - 2x Pedal washers: To protect the crankset thread