• With the brake adapter PM-PM +60mm you can increase your disc size by 60 mm.
    This means, if your Post Mount (PM) brake mount on the fork or frame is designed for a 160 mm brake disc, you can mount a 220 mm disc with the installed adapter.
    The same applies to other disc sizes.

    PM brake mount 160 mm + PM-PM +60mm adapter = brake disc size 220 mm
    PM brake mount 180 mm + PM-PM +60mm adapter = brake disc size 240 mm

    Mounting screws are available separately in a range of colours and are not included. Item no. 01808


    19,90 €
  • - PM-PM +60mm
    - Use on front wheel
    - Material:Aluminum
    - Weight: 25 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)

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