• Wide and Strong.
    If you are looking for a direct response and focus on precise steering performance, even at high speeds on the downhill tracks of the world, our 810 mm wide RCC DH is the thing. Although this handlebar does not forgive mistakes, you can rely on it in every situation to always be on the safe side with a 237 g lightweight carbon handlebar.

    The RCC 810 was also tested in the EFBE testing laboratory for strength and resilience and gave results that would make some aluminium handlebars green with envy!

    Reliable, Light, Precision handling and control… these are the attributes of the RCC 810 DH.



    149,00 €
  • - Width: 810 mm
    - Ø: 31.8 mm
    - Rise: 25 mm
    - Backsweep: 9°
    - Upsweep: 6°
    - Weight: 237 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Carbon

  • - Reverse stem alignment lines: for orientation when mounting on the stem
    - Reverse Sandpaper stem fixation: roughened surface in the stem clamping area to increase the clamping effect
    - Reverse sandpaper grip fixation: roughened surface in the grip area to increase the clamping effect